Embark on adventure, Canada style. With pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife and world-class cuisine, Canada is a feast for the senses and an outdoor-lover's paradise. Take a hike under the midnight sun, learn to shuck oysters, or explore one of the country’s flavour trails, abundant with farms and wineries.

Experience the coolest winter adventures, from snow-shoeing through snow-covered landscapes, to skiing in world-class resorts. Soak in natural hot springs while the northern lights dance overhead. Lose yourself in Canada and find stories you'll be telling for a lifetime.

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Winter Wonderland Adventures
Canada's winter wonderland experiences are a dream come true. Ski or snowboard in world-class ski resorts, witness the mesmerising northern lights, learn how to mush your own team of sled dogs, or ice skate on a glittering frozen lake.
A Culinary Escape
Canada’s outstanding food and wine scene is the ultimate feast for the senses. Feast on farm-to-table cuisine and the best seafood in the world. Visit award-winning wineries and explore the flavour trails for a real taste of Canada.
An Outdoor Extravaganza
Indulge your outdoorsy spirit in Canada's epic wilderness, pristine forests, and glittering lakes. From ziplining and mountain biking, to hiking, canoeing, and wildlife encounters, there's no better way to explore the most beautiful country on Earth.
City in Nature
Simply a city like no other, Vancouver effortlessly combines the excitement and energy of a modern city with the invigorating appeal of the great outdoors.